Mallard docs

Mallard is an awkward duck, it is written in XML and therefore can be hard to write.

Fortunately we can take our "small dog" to "hunt the Duck".

Pug (aka jade) is a CLI tool and a kind of shorthand for writing xml/html documents.

To get started install Node.js:

install Node.js

sudo apt install nodejs

install pug and pug-cli

sudo npm install -g pug && sudo npm install -g pug-cli

create a pug settings directory

mkdir ~/.pug

specify options for mallard page format

echo '{"doctype": "page"}' > ~/.pug/options-page.json

provide localtion of the options file, add file extension with -E and -P flag for pretty

pug -O ~/.pug/options-page.json -E "page" -P

put it in your bashrc alias

alias ppage='pug -O ~/.pug/options-page.json -E "page" -P'

convert your new page


previewing documentation

yelp --editor-mode

Pug is indentation sensitive, if you are using VS Code it is recomended to use something like indent-rainbow plugin as well as jadeview (to convert existing xml/html i.e .page files to .jade/.pug).